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1. How to basin opening?
Suggestions to the real quasi out basin's position as structural components of tap water pipes, drainage device and the cabinet in the table. Set aside an appropriate gap. It is suggested that the distance between the center line of the faucet and the decoration to finish the wall is 51mm

2. Faucet water is small how to do?
First check the other faucets in the home are all this problem, like small water may be small water pressure, need to ask the property to help solve the water pressure problem. If there is no problem of water pressure, check the blockage of the outlet of the faucet. First remove the filter screen for cleaning. Maybe impurities in the water filter up the filter net, or further check whether the filter net cover is blocked or not.

3. The faucet does not produce hot water how to solve?
1, check the hot water inlet pipe valve is open;
2, check whether the home water heater is open or not.
3, remove the filter net to clean, maybe the impurity in the water causes the water pressure to be too small, which may cause the water heater to not open.

4. How to clean up the faucet's sprinkler blockage?
It is not recommended that the user disassemble the sprinkler for cleaning without authorization because it may cause the damage of the sprinkler. In the case of damage to shower, shower water outlet holes for sewing available quasi lightly dredge; such as congestion is serious, please contact customer service to assist or contact local suppliers to buy shower.

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